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gear pumps

ProductHighlights:•Uniquedesignwithintegratedcylinderandvalvetopreventthe“overposition”ofthejackingcylinder;•Adoptadvancedcold-drawnthin-wallweldedpipetoavoidinnerholeprocessingandreducetheweightofthewholecylinder;•Theoutercylinderflareprocessincreasesitsstiffnessandrecyclestheautomaticguide;•“Mountain”typesealingstructure,whichincreasesthereliabilityandservicelife.Thespecialdesignofthe“hexagonal”combinedstrokelimitdevicepreventsthestopperfrombeingsqueezedout,effectivelyreducingthevibrationofthecylinderunderheavyloadconditions.Abnormalsound•Thenewguideringstructureismatchedwiththeadvancedslidingmaterialtomakethecylinderliftmoresmoothlyandlastlonger;•Withthe“integratedparts”designconcept,itiseasytorepairanddoesnotrequirespecialtools.     Features ◆Oilandelectricitydualpurpose◆ConfigureABSanddrivingrecorder◆Standardheightlimiter,weightmeter◆MeetthelatestGB7258requirements◆equippedwithnewanti-splashsystem360°DisplayProductdetails     ◆Thehydrauliccomponentsareallmadeofwell-knownbrandproducts,andtheperformanceismorestable.◆Oversizedlegspan,theoperationrangeisfartherandsafer.◆Increasetheexternalgeartypeslewingbearing,andtheturningactionismorestableandsafe.◆Thearmbodyhasgoodrigidityandthetelescopicguidingpropertyisbetterandmorestable.◆Triplepumphydraulicsystem,theflowdistributionismorereasonable,andthecompoundactionandmicro-motionarebetter.DongfanghongvehicleislightandlightweightOrientalredmaturechassis5section31mboomSizehookhoist8/6tonsSmallerwheelbaseandmorecapablework
product description
Product introduction

Product Highlights:

• Unique design with integrated cylinder and valve to prevent the “over position” of the jacking cylinder;

• Adopt advanced cold-drawn thin-wall welded pipe to avoid inner hole processing and reduce the weight of the whole cylinder;

• The outer cylinder flare process increases its stiffness and recycles the automatic guide;

• “Mountain” type sealing structure, which increases the reliability and service life. The special design of the “hexagonal” combined stroke limit device prevents the stopper from being squeezed out, effectively reducing the vibration of the cylinder under heavy load conditions. Abnormal sound

• The new guide ring structure is matched with the advanced sliding material to make the cylinder lift more smoothly and last longer;

• With the “integrated parts” design concept, it is easy to repair and does not require special tools.




◆ Oil and electricity dual purpose

◆ Configure ABS and driving recorder

◆ Standard height limiter, weight meter

◆ Meet the latest GB7258 requirements

◆ equipped with new anti-splash system

360° Display

Product details


◆ The hydraulic components are all made of well-known brand products, and the performance is more stable.

◆ Oversized leg span, the operation range is farther and safer.

◆ Increase the external gear type slewing bearing, and the turning action is more stable and safe.

◆ The arm body has good rigidity and the telescopic guiding property is better and more stable.

◆ Triple pump hydraulic system, the flow distribution is more reasonable, and the compound action and micro-motion are better.

Dongfanghong vehicle is light and lightweight

Oriental red mature chassis

5 section 31 m boom

Size hook hoist 8/6 tons

Smaller wheelbase and more capable work

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