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14 square mixer

14 square mixer

14 square main technical parameters ItemsUnitHeavy Duty Truck SeriesDrum technology parametersGeometric volume of the drumm³20.39Effective stirring volumem³14Maximum stirring volumem³16Gradient of the drum °12Rest rate% <1Retational speed of the drumr/min0~14Output speedm³/min>2.5Hydraulic drive systemPumps, motors, reducers International brandsHydraulic loop Closed-loop, splitWater SupplySystemWater supply mode pressure water supplyWater tank capacityL450Chassis performance parametersChassis type ZZ1257N4347D1Wheelbasemm4325+1350Maximum speedkm/h80Engine parametersModel D10.34-40Rated powerkw249(340Hp)Emission Standards Guo IVQualityparameterscomplete vehicle kerb masskg15505Rated load masskg9365The maximum allowable total masskg25000Vehicle Dimensions (L × W × H)mm10310×2500×3995Announcement TypeSMQ5250GJBZ43Thefirstadvantage,lowcenterofgravity,highstability,highsecurityLarge-capacitymixingtubewithupto16m³stirringvolume,relativetocompetitors,hasasmalldipangle,lowvehiclecenterofgravity,higherdrivingstabilityandsecurity.Thesecondadvantage,lowresidualrateOptimizeddesignofspiralbladestoensureconcretetransportquality,materialinputandoutputspeedisfasterthanthenationalstandard,nosegregationphenomenon,lowresidualrate.Thethirdadvantage,scientificdesign,longservicelifeSub-frameismadeofhighstrengthlowalloyrectangulartube,increasedflexibleinclinestrut,effectivelyimprovedsub-frameanti-bendingandanti-torsionperformance,significantlypreventedsub-framefrombreakandcracking;tankandbladematerialsusedB520JJhighwear-resistantsteel,greatlyimprovedwearresistanceandprolongedlife.Thefourthadvantage,keycomponentsareallworld-classbrandsenjoyinghighreliabilityThehydraulictransmissionpartsadoptedbyourcompanyaretheindustry'sbestbrandslikeSauer(America)andPMP7.5(Italy)featuringhighreliability.ThemaincompetitorconsideringpricefactorconfiguredARKpumps(Italy),motorsandTOPreducers.Thefifthadvantages,professionalandmaturedchassisconfigurationProfessionalandmaturedChineseheavytruckchassiswhichenjoyslargepowerandflexiblebeamdesigncanperfectlymatchupperflexibleframeandtoadapttovariousroadconditions.Competitorsaremainlyself-madechassis-based.Theirproductsarefarbehindtheonesproducedbyourcompanyintermsofquality.Thesixthadvantage,usingheavy-dutygearboxOurcompany’sheavytruckchassisusingheavy-dutygearboxcanperfectlymatchenginepower.Hightorquecanadapttoavarietyofcomplexandpoorroadconditions.Competitorsusinglighttransmissionwhichsuitslong-distanceroadtransportvehicles.Theseventhadvantages,thehighestrealizablevalueratiointhemarketOurcompany’svehiclesafterexpirationofservicelifehavethehighestrealizablevalueratiointhemarket.
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  14 square main technical parameters 
Items Unit Heavy Duty Truck Series
Drum technology parameters Geometric volume of the drum 20.39
Effective stirring volume 14
Maximum stirring volume 16
Gradient of the drum  ° 12
Rest rate %  <1
Retational speed of the drum r/min 0~14
Output speed m³/min >2.5
Hydraulic drive system Pumps, motors, reducers   International brands
Hydraulic loop   Closed-loop, split
Water Supply System Water supply mode   pressure water supply
Water tank capacity L 450
Chassis performance parameters Chassis type   ZZ1257N4347D1
Wheelbase mm 4325+1350
Maximum speed km/h 80
Engine parameters Model   D10.34-40
Rated power kw 249(340Hp)
Emission Standards   Guo IV
Quality parameters complete vehicle kerb mass kg 15505
Rated load mass kg 9365
The maximum allowable total mass kg 25000
Vehicle Dimensions (L × W × H) mm 10310×2500×3995
Announcement Type SMQ5250GJBZ43

The first advantage, low center of gravity, high stability, high security

Large-capacity mixing tube with up to 16m³ stirring volume, relative to competitors, has a small dip angle, low vehicle center of gravity, higher driving stability and security.

The second advantage, low residual rate

Optimized design of spiral blades to ensure concrete transport quality, material input and output speed is faster than the national standard, no segregation phenomenon, low residual rate.

The third advantage, scientific design, long service life

Sub-frame is made of high strength low alloy rectangular tube, increased flexible incline strut, effectively improved sub-frame anti-bending and anti-torsion performance, significantly prevented sub-frame from break and cracking; tank and blade materials used B520JJ high wear-resistant steel, greatly improved wear resistance and prolonged life.

14 square mixer

The fourth advantage, key components are all world-class brands enjoying high reliability

The hydraulic transmission parts adopted by our company are the industry's best brands like Sauer (America) and PMP7.5 (Italy) featuring high reliability. The main competitor considering price factor configured ARK pumps (Italy), motors and TOP reducers.

14 square mixer

The fifth advantages, professional and matured chassis configuration

Professional and matured Chinese heavy truck chassis which enjoys large power and flexible beam design can perfectly match upper flexible frame and to adapt to various road conditions. Competitors are mainly self-made chassis-based. Their products are far behind the ones produced by our company in terms of quality.

14 square mixer

The sixth advantage, using heavy-duty gearbox

Our company’s heavy truck chassis using heavy-duty gearbox can perfectly match engine power. High torque can adapt to a variety of complex and poor road conditions. Competitors using light transmission which suits long-distance road transport vehicles.

The seventh advantages, the highest realizable value ratio in the market

Our company’s vehicles after expiration of service life have the highest realizable value ratio in the market.