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Senyuan Heavy Industry Patrol Car

Senyuan Heavy Industry Patrol Car

Features ◆Oilandelectricitydualpurpose◆ConfigureABSanddrivingrecorder◆Standardheightlimiter,weightmeter◆MeetthelatestGB7258requirements◆equippedwithnewanti-splashsystem360°DisplayProductdetails     ◆Thehydrauliccomponentsareallmadeofwell-knownbrandproducts,andtheperformanceismorestable.◆Oversizedlegspan,theoperationrangeisfartherandsafer.◆Increasetheexternalgeartypeslewingbearing,andtheturningactionismorestableandsafe.◆Thearmbodyhasgoodrigidityandthetelescopicguidingpropertyisbetterandmorestable.◆Triplepumphydraulicsystem,theflowdistributionismorereasonable,andthecompoundactionandmicro-motionarebetter.DongfanghongvehicleislightandlightweightOrientalredmaturechassis5section31mboomSizehookhoist8/6tonsSmallerwheelbaseandmorecapablework
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◆ Oil and electricity dual purpose

◆ Configure ABS and driving recorder

◆ Standard height limiter, weight meter

◆ Meet the latest GB7258 requirements

◆ equipped with new anti-splash system

360° Display

Product details


◆ The hydraulic components are all made of well-known brand products, and the performance is more stable.

◆ Oversized leg span, the operation range is farther and safer.

◆ Increase the external gear type slewing bearing, and the turning action is more stable and safe.

◆ The arm body has good rigidity and the telescopic guiding property is better and more stable.

◆ Triple pump hydraulic system, the flow distribution is more reasonable, and the compound action and micro-motion are better.

Dongfanghong vehicle is light and lightweight

Oriental red mature chassis

5 section 31 m boom

Size hook hoist 8/6 tons

Smaller wheelbase and more capable work