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Company is qualified with complete vehicle production

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Company is qualified with complete vehicle production, special processing vehicle chassis production, pure complete electric vehicle and chassis production, and has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, CCC certification, EU CE certification and the like.

The company mainly includes the following four categories: the project series with transit mixer truck and concrete high-pressure pump vehicle as representative, sanitation series with cleaning-sweeping vehicle, garbage clearance car and methane project service as representative, lifting series with crane truck, hydraulic aerial cage as representative, the new energy pure electric series with mobile police office, administrative law-enforcement vehicle and the electric passenger car passing through the national safety collision experiment as representatives. It has more than 110 national public products produced via above 400 patented technologies with self-property right, all special automobile products have passed national 3C certification, marketing throughout the country. In which, both methane project service vehicles and multifunctional water wagon fill up the domestic vacancy, taking up above 80% of the market share, the mobile police office constantly takes up 70% of the national market share, crane truck is ranking in the top five of the country. It is successively awarded as "famous-brand products in Henan province", "reliable products for national customer use", "famous-brand products in China engineering industry" and "China famous brand". And the company is also successively awarded as "the top ten of the large-middle industrial enterprises with capacity for independent innovation for successive two years", "pacesetter enterprise of China industries", "enterprise with high quality and good reputation through the country", "enterprise focusing on quality and honoring credibility through the country", "the most influential enterprise in China new energy industry", "advanced group of China engineering industry", top 500 China private enterprises, governor quality award in Henan province and other laurel.

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