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Address: No. 16, Weiwu Road, Changge City, Henan Province

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The company covers an area of 560mu

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Henan Senyuan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (the original Henan Benma Vehicle Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1952, it has a history of more than 50 years, and is subordinated to the leading firms of car manufacture section of the Henan Senyuan Group, its subsidiaries include: Henan Senyuan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., Henan Benma Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Henan Hongma Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., and it is the automobile manufacturer with production qualification for special purpose vehicle products in Henan at most and most complete products lines.

The company covers an area of 560mu, its covered area is 300,000 square meters, registered capital is 1.1076 billion Yuan, total assets are 4.8 billion Yuan, and it has more than 2800 employers and more than 800 intermediate/senior technical. It has 1 provincial enterprise technology center, 1 Henan concrete pump truck engineering center, 1 new energy automobile comprehensive testing center, 4 professional manufacturing companies, over 30 professional production lines, obtaining state special freight car, special motor vehicle, passenger compartment vehicle, general truck trailer, other trailer, special processing vehicle and other 6 major special purpose vehicles.