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  1. In order to avoid operational errors, the sweeper control valve is mainly divided into main valve and auxiliary valve. Then the main ones of these two valves are different. The power of the main valve comes from the chassis of the road sweeper. The power of the auxiliary valve comes from the auxiliary engine of the special function part. The common engine of the road sweeper is Chaochai, Jiangling, Cummins. The main valve manages the tilting of the outer compartment behind the chassis and the hydraulic switch of the rear door of the compartment. The secondary valve manages the four ground brushes of the sweeper (which can control one or all of the work separately) and the suction cup.

  2, the auxiliary engine of the sweeping car is different because of the different power of the engine brand, but the general speed is about 1500 rpm - 1800 rpm.

  3, according to the needs of work, you can generally choose whether you need to bring water spray and dust reduction function. The conventional configuration usually sprays water after taking it. At the same time, you need to pay attention to whether the water volume of the clean water tank is enough. Generally, the volume of the clean water tank is different, and the working time may have a gap.

  4, the road sweeper electromagnetic multi-way valve pressure regulation is generally on the overflow valve, the user can adjust the pressure to change the speed of the sweeping brush.

  5. In addition, the sweeping car can select whether the brush on the left side of the vehicle and the brush on the right side work at the same time according to the road surface. For example, when sweeping the corner of the road, only the side of the corner is used to turn the brush to work.

  6. The dustbin of the road sweeper may have fine dust deposits. Manual cleaning is required when cleaning the waste bin.

  7. The distance from the suction cup of the road sweeper to the ground should be adjusted according to the condition of the road section.

  8, sweeping car vacuum pipe may often have dirt and mud adhesion, need to be cleaned frequently to achieve better results.

  9. When the electrical part of the control box needs to be replaced more stably, it is best to remove one piece.

  10. Sanitation workers should regularly check whether the functional parts are normal.

  11. In order to avoid the foreign matter in the hydraulic oil will affect the normal operation of the electromagnetic control valve, the sanitation workers should regularly check whether the hydraulic oil is normal.

  12. Always check if the limit device of the clutch electric push rod of the vehicle's auxiliary engine is normal.

  13. When the sweeping car control button is switched, the time interval should be 5 seconds.

  14. When a hydraulic component of a road sweeper is not working properly, check the oil circuit and check the circuit according to the steps.

  (1) The circuit part is abnormal. Possible reasons are: insurance disconnection, loose connection of line connection, line breakage

  (2) The oil circuit is not normal. The possible causes are: oil pump failure, oil pipe rupture or oil leakage at the oil connection, and solenoid valve failure.

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