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Detecting road washing and sweeping tires

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For the tires of the road sweeper, it is necessary to be tested and qualified before being used. Let's take a look at the municipal cleaning sweeper www.senyuanhi.com to detect several ways to detect road sweeping tires!

On-line inspection of road sweepers means that every tire will be inspected before leaving the factory. Including the appearance of the road sweeper tires, X-ray, dynamic balance, uniformity inspection. The vulcanized road sweeper tires are firstly treated for appearance, the escape edge is removed, and then the appearance inspection is performed, and the road sweeper tires that fail the appearance inspection and the X-ray inspection are treated as prescribed. Road sweeping tires with unbalanced dynamic balance and uniformity can be polished to meet the requirements. The road sweeping tires are divided into different grades by the above test.

The road sweeping tires are sampled and tested on the road sweeping tires of the factory, including outer edge size, static load performance, high speed performance, durability, and strength performance.

Pilot tests required for road sweeping tire products, including maneuverability and comfort, traction, force and torque performance, air tightness, deviation, noise performance, and accelerated durability. Ozone resistance, high temperature resistance, rolling resistance, etc.

Performance testing of road sweeper tires, some of which can be performed indoors, such as dynamic balance, uniformity, high speed performance, force and torque performance. The other part of the road sweeper tire must be carried out on a special outdoor road surface, such as maneuverability and comfort, traction, wear resistance and so on.

  wear resistance and so on.

For everyone's safety, it is necessary to guard against skidding on rainy days and in winter.

In the case of rain and snow, the road sweeping truck ramp is difficult to drive, and the upper and lower slopes must pass through the low gear smoothly, and it is not suitable to shift gears in the middle. The road sweeper is uphill to prevent flameout, and the downhill is absolutely forbidden to slide in neutral. Cars without ABS should pay special attention to prevent the road sweeper from slipping.

When parking the road sweeper, it is necessary to tighten the hand brake. Try to choose the open space without ice and snow, tighten the hand brake gear, and if necessary, pad the road to sweep the wheel. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, it is necessary to strengthen the safety inspection of key parts such as road washing and braking, and drive carefully during driving to prevent serious road traffic accidents.