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9 points garbage truck common fault repair methods, do you know a few?

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Sanitation equipment information introduces you to 9 kinds of common faults and maintenance tactics of garbage trucks, so that you can easily repair your car without asking for help.

1. The garbage truck will shake and shake when the sanitation garbage truck is started in the morning.

This phenomenon occurs mostly in garbage trucks because individual cylinders do not work well and the valve closure is not strict. You can run for a while at high speed in 3 or 4 gears. If the garbage truck does not shake after the hot car but the shift is not smooth, it may be that the fuel injection nozzle of the sanitation garbage truck is not evenly sprayed. We only need to check and clean the fuel injector of the sanitation garbage truck.

2. The brakes of the sanitation garbage truck are suddenly not easy to use.

If you have no other vehicles on the road, you can step on the brakes.

3, the garbage truck appeared to be biased while driving

At this time, we only need to adjust the front wheel of the garbage truck to adjust the air pressure or the tire in the other direction to lower the air pressure.

4. When the sanitation garbage truck was started in the morning, it was found that the battery energy was insufficient. It was very difficult to start the garbage truck.

If necessary, use hot water to heat the battery on the garbage truck and turn off all electrical equipment, including closing the door. Wait 5 to 10 minutes to start the fire.

5. The fuel tank is damaged on the way of the garbage truck.

If you find that the fuel tank is leaking, wipe off the oil spill and apply it to the oil spill with soap or bubble gum to temporarily block the oil. If possible, repair with epoxy adhesive.

6, when the oil pipe of the garbage truck broke

Wipe the broken tubing on the garbage truck with a rag, apply soap, wrap it around the tubing with a cloth or tape, and tie it with a wire, then apply a layer of soap.

7. When the tubing of the garbage truck broke

We can find a rubber or plastic tube that fits the diameter of the tubing. If the socket is not tight enough, the ends of the wire are tied tightly to prevent the garbage truck from leaking oil.

8. Sometimes there is oil leakage in the tubing joint of the garbage truck.

Because the road conditions of the sanitation garbage trucks are usually very poor, it is easy to cause oil leakage in the fuel pipe joints of the garbage trucks, such as oil leakage in the engine oil pipe joints, and most of the oil pipe flares and the oil pipe nuts are not sealed. The cotton yarn can be wrapped around the lower edge of the horn, and the tubing nut and the oil pipe joint can be tightened; the bubble gum or maltose can be chewed into a paste and applied to the mouth of the tubing nut to be sealed after being dried.

9. The inlet and outlet hoses on the garbage truck are broken.

When the inlet and outlet hoses of the garbage truck are not broken, the leaking water can be wrapped with a cloth coated with soap. If the rupture is large, the hose rupture can be cut off, a bamboo tube or iron pipe is placed in the middle, and the wire is tied tightly.

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