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Campus Recruiting

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  First, the company profile

  Henan Senyuan Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992. Over the years, the company has consistently adhered to the development strategy of “relying on the mechanism to innovate and introduce high-quality talents, relying on high-quality talents to develop high-tech products, and relying on high-tech products to seize the commanding heights of the market”, and continue to carry out scientific and technological innovation. Management innovation and mechanism innovation have now become a group company integrating electrical manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, new energy power generation, investment finance and international trade, modern service industry and cultural tourism real estate.

  Henan Senyuan Group Co., Ltd. owns Henan Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd. (A-share listing code: 002358), Henan Senyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Henan Senyuan New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd., Senyuan International (Hong Kong) Development Co., Ltd. Beijing Senyuan Dongbiao Electric Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Senyuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and other 28 subsidiaries. With more than 20,000 employees, the company has an operating income of 42.36 billion yuan in 2017. It has a national engineering laboratory, a national enterprise technology center, a national post-doctoral research station and eight provincial engineering technology research centers. In Beijing Tsinghua Science and Technology Park, there are “two departments” and “two houses”, namely, Strategic Investment Department, International Business Development Department, Nuclear Power Equipment Technology Research Institute, Electric Vehicle Technology Research Institute, and well-known with Tsinghua University and Xi'an Jiaotong University. Colleges and universities carry out "production, study and research" cooperation. In recent years, the Group has obtained more than 3,000 patents granted, and has won many honors such as “National Key High-Tech Enterprises”, “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises” and “2013 Henan Province Governor Quality Award”. Since 2012, it has entered the top 500 private enterprises in the country, and its ranking has increased year by year. In 2017, it ranked the top 500 Chinese companies and ranked 227 in the top 500 Chinese manufacturing companies.

  Henan Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd. is the leading enterprise in the electrical manufacturing sector of Senyuan Group. It is the high-voltage switch branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, the vice chairman unit of the Power Electronics Branch, the national key high-tech enterprise, the national-level intellectual property advantage enterprise, and the state enterprise. Technology Center, Postdoctoral Research Station, National Medium Voltage High Power Frequency Conversion Technology Engineering Laboratory. The world's most advanced flexible manufacturing, intelligent logistics warehousing, robotic technology integration innovation, formed a world-class, domestic leading transmission and distribution equipment research and development and manufacturing base consisting of more than 20 intelligent production lines. He has undertaken key projects such as national major power equipment autonomy, national strategic emerging industries, and national Torch Program. At present, Senyuan Electric has transformed from electrical equipment suppliers and electrical equipment contractors to become providers of power engineering solutions.

  Henan Senyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the vehicle manufacturing sector of Henan Senyuan Group and a national high-tech enterprise. The construction includes: provincial enterprise technology center, Henan concrete pump engineering technology research center, Henan electric special vehicle engineering technology research center, electric special vehicle Henan engineering laboratory, Henan industrial design center. Owned: National 6 categories of special-purpose vehicle production qualification, special operation vehicle chassis production qualification, pure electric special vehicle and chassis production qualification, commercial vehicle production qualification. Product series: engineering vehicle series, sanitation vehicle series, electric vehicle series, commercial vehicle series. Concrete mixer truck, pump truck + Internet of Things, formed the largest concrete third-party logistics service enterprise in China. The intelligent sanitation product + smart sanitation management platform has created a new domestic market-oriented service model for smart sanitation. The pure electric logistics transport vehicle + urban logistics operation platform has created a leading domestic new energy city logistics distribution system.

  Second, professional needs and job requirements

  (1) Professional needs

  1. Technology: mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, electrical engineering and automation, automation, control theory and control engineering, vehicle engineering, material forming and control, hydraulic control related professional, electrical control, measurement and control technology and equipment, electronic letter

  Engineering, industrial design, computer technology and technology, information management and information systems, software engineering, communications engineering, power systems and automation;

  2. Management: enterprise management, human resource management, business management, management science, administrative management, archival science, industrial engineering, logistics management;

  3. News: journalism, Chinese language and literature, secretarial, broadcast host;

  4. Finance and finance: accounting, financial management, investment, finance, economics and other related majors;

  5, marketing: professional is not limited, marketing, international trade, e-commerce, advertising, graphic design and engineering majors are preferred;

  6, language: English, French, Russian and other language majors.

  (2) Job requirements

  1. Obey the law, be honest and trustworthy, have excellent academic performance, and have no bad records;

  2. Bachelor degree or above in full-time colleges and universities, and obtain academic qualifications and degree certificates on time;

  3, positive thinking, physical and mental health, have good physical and psychological qualities;

  4, have a strong learning ability, good teamwork spirit, collective sense of honor, communication skills, with a sense of innovation and a strong sense of responsibility.

  Third, contact information

  (1) Group headquarters

  Tel: 0371-67391967

  Website: www.hnsygroup.com

  Mail box: hr@hnsygroup.com

  Contact: Teacher Zhang 18703743836

  (2) Electrical section

  Tel: 0374-6108357

  Website: www.hnsyec.com

  Mail box: hr@hnsyec.com

  Contact: Teacher Wang 15333998526 Teacher Wang 15037460979

  (3) Vehicle sector

  Tel: 0374-6108195

  Website: www.senyuanhi.com

  Mailbox: syzghr@senyuanhi.com

  Contact: Teacher Zhang 13938917300 Teacher Wang 13769897721

  Teacher Song 18697397368

  Fourth, salary and benefits

  (2) Career planning and welfare treatment

  1. The company has a perfect channel for promotion of college students, providing two-way promotion channels for professional and administrative positions, and providing a variety of training opportunities;

  2. The company provides generous engineering design and product development awards;

  3. The company pays five insurances and one gold according to the state regulations;

  4, the company provides apartments, canteens, medical services, cinemas and a variety of sports facilities, apartments with separate toilets, equipped with air conditioning, heating, shower, cable TV, network access and overall closet;

  5. College students celebrate birthday activities such as birthday parties and outings;

  6, vacation: enjoy legal holidays, paid annual leave, wedding funeral leave, etc.;

  7. Festival welfare: Festival benefits are paid on traditional holidays, and labor insurance benefits are distributed quarterly;

  8. Housing: Senyuan Community, designed by Beijing Zhongzhutianhe Architectural Design Co., Ltd., houses 2,600 units. (There are medical service centers, senior clubs, kindergartens, etc. in the community);

  9. Ph.D., postgraduate students, and undergraduate students of the “985 Project” and “211 Projects” can apply for “Xuchang Yingcai” and enjoy the family allowance (2-10 million) provided by Xuchang Municipal Government. Living allowance (200-1000 yuan/month) ), some tax reductions, etc.

  Welfare policy.

  Five: School Recruitment Schedule

  Senyuan Group's 2019 Campus Recruitment University List and Itinerary

  Campus Ambassador Recruitment