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Service system

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The pursuit of a better life makes our goal! The guarantee of vehicle safety and service is our principle!

Senyuan Heavy Industry, the exclusive five-star service system! The industry-recognized third-party certification body - Beijing Wuzhou Tianyu Certification Center certification, let you feel at ease!

After-sales service process

1. After receiving the feedback from the user on the service and quality, the after-sales service will investigate and analyze the cause and fill in the “quality information report form” to the relevant department.

2. The relevant departments shall determine the responsible department according to the situation, limit the processing time, and transmit the relevant responsible department.

3. The responsible department shall formulate corrective and preventive measures for customer complaints, and the relevant departments shall verify it.

4. The after-sales service will reply the user with the measures taken by fax or telephone.


Service system


1. Focus on customers and regard quality as the life of the company.

2, the product implementation of the quality of "three guarantees" (warranty, insurance, insurance), the product implementation of lifelong service.

3, after-sales service personnel arrived in the province 8 hours, the province (through the aircraft) arrived in 24 hours.

4, after-sales service hotline: +86-374-6108192

5, after-sales service complaint hotline: +86-374-6108256